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Naxos Rugs

These unique contemporary Naxos Rugs Collection make a statement in your home creating an edgy atmosphere in any space. Composed of 24 modern designer rugs that are made with 80% PP, 20% Polyester durable fibres and has 12 mm pile height, this collection is suitable for decorating both: your living room and bedroom and are ideal for promoting a cosy and inviting feel, it is an inspired choice. Such fine contemporary rugs complement today's variety of décors with elegance, grace and infinitely appealing style.

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Naxos Border White Bronze Rug

Naxos Border White Bronze RugFrom:  €69.99


Naxos Border White Gold Rug

Naxos Border White Gold RugFrom:  €69.99


Naxos Border White Silver Rug

Naxos Border White Silver RugFrom:  €69.99

Naxos Contemporary White Bronze Rug

Naxos Contemporary White Bronze RugFrom:  €69.99

Naxos Contemporary White Gold Rug

Naxos Contemporary White Gold RugFrom:  €69.99

Naxos Contemporary White Silver Rug

Naxos Contemporary White Silver RugFrom:  €69.99

Naxos Designer Black Bronze Rug

Naxos Designer Black Bronze RugFrom:  €69.99

Naxos Designer Black Gold Rug

Naxos Designer Black Gold RugFrom:  €69.99


Naxos Designer Black Silver Rug

Naxos Designer Black Silver RugFrom:  €69.99

Naxos Designer White Bronze Rug

Naxos Designer White Bronze RugFrom:  €69.99

Naxos Designer White Gold Rug

Naxos Designer White Gold RugFrom:  €69.99

Naxos Designer White Silver Rug

Naxos Designer White Silver RugFrom:  €69.99

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Page 1 of 2:    24 Items
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